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My name is Christopher D'Ambrosio and I am a senior in high school.

I recently started a program called "Heart-Warming Hoodies," where I am trying to collect 400 new hoodies for the Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia which helps those suffering from poverty and homelessness.  

I'm hopeful that by providing these men and women outerwear, we can provide comfort and protection from weather elements and also show them that someone cares.  

Would you please consider purchasing one or more hoodies from my Amazon wishlist?


Just click the "DONATE" button below and select "Broad Street Ministry's Gift Registry Address" for shipping during checkout.  


Also, could you please share the link for with anyone else you think would be interested in donating. I would greatly appreciate it. Each hoodie costs approximately $20. The charity's 501(c)(3) number is 202760310.

Thank you so much for considering this!! 

Actual Photo of Champion Hoodie

Fight​ Poverty & Homelessness!





One Hoodie at a Time!

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